About Debii

About Deb's Dips

Deb's Dips are wonderful Gourmet Dip Seasoning packages that you mix with one cup of mayonnaise and one cup of sour cream.
Deb's Dips is owned an operated by Debi Hatton of Stouffville, Ontario. Debi developed all the recipes herself and after six months of experimenting, tasting and test-marketing they made their debut in October of 2000 at St. Jacob's Farmers Market in St. Jacobs, Ontario. It was a beautiful crisp and sunny autumn day and Deb's Dips was a great success.
With twelve flavours to choose from, Deb's Dips flourished at St. Jacob's until May 2003 when the decision was made to branch out. Deb's Dips has expanded to twenty-two flavours and can be found at a variety of Craft Shows, Fairs and Festivals all across Ontario. Mail order is also available or you can use our Online Store.

About Deb

Debi Hatton was born and raised in Toronto, went to high school in Richmond Hill and graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics. 
Debi has two step-children and four grand-children and currently resides in Newmarket, Ontario.

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